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Black Cat Lashes

Premium Flat Lashes

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The newest addition to the Black Cat Lashes line up are these beautiful, soft, and of course jet black Premium Flat Lashes. What makes them different from other Classic Lashes you may ask;

  • the single 0.15mm diameter lash weighs similar to that of a 0.05mm diameter volume lash.
  • the single 0.20mm diameter lash weighs similar to that of a 0.05-0.07mm diameter volume lash.
  • Since the lashes are flat, there is a larger contact area with the natural lash, this allows for the adhesive to hold it firmly in place, resulting in better retention.
  • there are two split tips for each lash, when the lash set is complete the lashes look stunning and fluffy. 
  • ease of use for the lash artist compared to regular classic lashes. 
  • 16 rows of lashes per tray

We here at Black Cat Lashes have also realized the environmental footprint the lash industry is leaving in the world. We are proud to say that all of the new packaging is premium cardboard trays. Much like a high end box a cell phone comes in.