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The Wet Look can Save You Big Bucks !!


Keep Reading to Learn:

  1. How to customize Lashes for each Classic Client
  2. How to save money on your lash inventory
  3. Organize your lashes
  4. How to keep up with the latest trends.
  5. Be the artist with a growing portfolio

It's been a hot minute, and I always feel the only time you hear from us, is if we are having a sale. Of COURSE, we are going to have lots of those coming in the near future....(Tomorrow Nov, 19 at 12:00am MDT).


BUT, I really wanted this email to be educational, and of value to all the lash babes out there. I hope that this little nugget of information puts a little bit of passion back into your lash day.


What the heck is the Wet Look?


     You may have heard it being called Feather Weight classics or the Wet Look – Both are the same. It’s the art of taking a small amount (2D – 8D) of 0.03mm or 0.02mm lashes and intentionally not fanning them open. We are not talking about not fanning a Mega volume fan, that would be a mortal sin in the lash business.

We are talking about maybe putting a few super light, and flexible, 0.02 or 0.03mm on a lash instead of one normal, plasticky, stiff classic lash.


Hmmmmmmm….. let's think about this……………


Customize lashes for each client:

  • Maybe they want a longer look that cant be achieved with normal classics, but can stand a few more with the lightness and flexibility of 0.02 & 0.03mm
  • I eyeball the diameter of the next lash base and pick up as many lashes that I feel are close to the same size.
  • If I can’t see a smaller lash, I might use three 0.03mm. If I see a juicy fat lash, I will put six 0.03mm lashes on it. Which is much healthier than using one set diameter for every lash.

How to save money on your Lash Inventory

  • Imagine only stocking 0.02mm or 0.03mm lashes in your inventory.
  • You would only need two or three curls in that diameter. No need for any of your old classics or volume lashes, 0.02mm or 0.03mm can do it all.
  • Instead of stocking 0.02, 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.12, and 0.15mm diameters in a few different curls, you are down to one diameter and a few different curls, AND, you can offer the Wet Look as a new service.

Organizing your Lashes

  • How much more space does 14 trays vs. 98 trays look to you?
  • Way easier to organize fits into a smaller space, and it’s way easier to keep on top of inventory count.

Keeping up with the newest trends

  • It isn’t just about the esthetics of a set of lashes, it’s also keeping current in the lash world to know what the best is we can do for our clients. We want them to look their best and be our clients forever. However, you won’t have clients left if their lash health is compromised.
  • The lash world is always evolving and coming up with the best ways to do more with less. More drama, less weight equals a lash for everybody.
  • Why would we put a heavy 0.25 on our great aunt Eleanor when we could deck her out in a beautiful set of 0.03mm? Whew – her lashes would breathe a sigh of relief, less damage, less heaviness, more comfort and flexibility.
  • Times change, when we know better, we do better.

     The most common theme I’ve observed with Lash trends over the years, is a consistent shift, aiming at doing more with less.


Expand your portfolio

  • By introducing the Wet Look, we can expand our portfolio and hopefully expand our client base
  • You can do straight-up classics, picking up multiple lashes (0.02/0.03mm) at a time, and placing them unfanned for a very clean light classic look. Or, a hybrid set, using multiple 0.02/0.03mm as spikes and whisps, with volume and Mega fans filling in between. *This is my favourite variation on clients with sparse lashes. 
  • You can adjust the ratio of wet look classics to fans, generally the fuller the natural lashes, the more wet look classics I will put on. 
  • If the client wants length, but her lashes can’t really accommodate it, I will go super whispy. 
  • Try to take 4-5 - 0.02mm lashes (as light as the natural lashes need, depending on their diameter), and use them as classic whisps with lots of contrast in length along the lash line, whisps usually need 2mm or more to notice them in a set, so plan ahead. 
  • If you are map savvy, great, but if you are unsure then it is best to map it out. 
  • Place your 2mm longer whisps every 2-3mm along the lash line first. They are the longest of the extension, so always give them the longest, most juicy, pick of the naturals to sit on. 
  • Then fill the first top row of lashes with your map (these will be 2mm shorter than the whisps)
  • Next, fill the middle and bottom layers in with even shorter extensions
  • Challenge yourself to get to 2mm shorter than your upper layer, and 4mm shorter than your whispy/spikes


OOOOO….LaLa now you’ve got length, volume, and definition; the trifecta of lash perfection.


This look is really flattering and eye-opening.