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Kawaii Lash

Lash Accelerator - Field of Flirty - Kawaii Lash

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Product Description
We all have had those days as lash artists where it just doesn't seem like our adhesive is drying fast enough. This is the perfect time to bring out your Field of Flirty Lash Accelerator. What Field of Flirty does is to help speed up your adhesives cure time. This is especially useful in times where you see a dramatic drop in humidity or are just looking to speed up your lash time. Having trouble with your fans closing? Feeling like your adhesive doesn't quite have that "grab" it normally has? Field of Flirty can help with that.
How to Use
Grabbing a micro brush, dip it into your Field of Flirty Lash Accelerator. Take the micro brush with the accelerator and gently run it along a strip of lashes (not on the natural lashes). Wait until the accelerator is dry, then resume lashing. It is important to only use a small amount to start with, you can always add more if needed. When your lash cure time is slowing this is when it is time to reapply.
Field Of Flirty Lash Accelerator Stats
Size : 15ml
Color : Clear
Intended for: Classic or Volume
For professional use only!