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Kawaii Lash

Lolita Lash Adhesive (10ml)

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fast drying, great retention & won't wick up your fans!


Product Description
Lolita adhesive is our greatest retention adhesive. With a 1-2 second dry time, and up to 7 weeks retention. It will not disappoint! Intended for classic and volume application. Lolita adhesive has slight fumes and is not suitable for the sensitive client.
Manufactured only using high quality medically approved ingredients. Latex free, formaldehyde free and most important cruelty-free! Each 10ml bottle will give you 150 to 200 procedures depending on how much you use.
Lolita Adhesive Stats
Size : 10ml
Viscosity : Thin
Glue Color : Black
Dry Time : 1 to 2 Seconds
Retention : 6 to 7 Weeks
Intended for : Classic or Volume
Ideal Humidity : 50% - 70%
Ideal Temp : 23C to 28C
For professional use only!
How to care for your little Lolita 
Unopened Bottles
Unopened bottles of Lolita adhesive can be stored in a cool dark place for a shelf life of 8 months. When you are ready to use your adhesive take it out of storage and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE for 1 minute and use!
Opened Bottles
Once you open your Lolita adhesive, like all our adhesives they need to be stored in a cool dry place. After you have opened your Lolita adhesive, DO NOT store in the fridge. The reason for this is to avoid condensation from forming on the inside of your opened adhesive. It will "spoil" your adhesive causing it to be gummy and lose its consistency. We recommend storing it sealed in the same silver packet it arrives in, along with a baggy of silica. Keep your bottle tightly closed to avoid moisture sneaking in. Also, keep stored in an upright position. The shelf life of an opened bottle of Lolita adhesive is 5 to 7 weeks after opened.