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Black Cat Lashes

Fast Cat Adhesive (5 ml)

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Fast Cat

Product Description
Fast Cat. All the same hold and consistency as Kawaii but faster. Non-wicking and is very quick curing. It is recommended for Volume & MegaVolume. Fast Cat is recommended for experienced lash artists, as working with a 0.5 Second quick cure adhesive can be tough for newer lashers. Recommend humidity for Fast Cat is under 40%. 
Manufactured only using high quality medically approved ingredients. Latex-free, formaldehyde-free, and most important cruelty-free! Each 5ml bottle will give you 75 to 100 procedures depending on usage. 
Fast Cat Adhesive Stats
Size : 5ml
Viscosity: Thin
Glue Color: Black 
Dry Time: 0.5 Seconds
Retention: Up to 8 weeks
Intended for: Volume and Mega Volume
Ideal Humidity:  Under 40%
Ideal Temp : 16C to 21C
For professional use only!
How to care for your Fast Cat
Unopened Bottles
Unopened bottles of Fast Cat adhesive can be stored upright in a cool dark area for a shelf life of 8 months. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE for 1 minute and use, replace glue drop every 15 minutes. 
Opened Bottles
Once you open your Fast Cat adhesive, like all our adhesives they need to be stored in a cool dry place. The reason for this is to avoid condensation from forming on the inside of your opened adhesive. It will "spoil" your adhesive causing it to be gummy and lose its consistency. We recommend storing it sealed in the same packet it arrives in, along with a baggy of silica. Keep your bottle tightly closed to avoid moisture sneaking in. Clean your lid after every use to make sure the lid doesn't stick to the cap. Also, keep stored in an upright position. The shelf life of an opened bottle of Fast Cat adhesive is up to 30 days if properly stored after opened.
For Best Adhesive Results!
1. Wash lashes with a lash cleanser, clean lashes are a must for the strongest possible bond.
2. Rinse with distilled water until all the lash wash has been washed off lashes.
3. Dry the lashes by blotting with a clean paper towel or with a fan until dry.
4. Brush out lashes get a good look at what can stay and what can go.
5. Apply lashes, remember to drop a new dot every 15 mins to ensure your adhesive is fresh. Dip your lash in the middle of the adhesive dot where the adhesive stays the freshest, making the bond the strongest.
6. Once the application is done remove pads/tape and brush out lashes fanning them off to get rid of any fumes around your client's eyes.
Adhesive Troubleshooting (FAQ)
My fans keep popping off when I brush through them, what's going on?
If you are brushing through your set and you have full perfect fans that are coming off when brushing through what this means is the adhesive is curing too quickly. This happens for a couple of reasons. 
1. The humidity in your area is too high. This is especially true for quick dry adhesives. Quick-dry adhesives are thin, the moisture in the air starts to go through the layers of the adhesive faster making it dry quickly. The higher your humidity the faster the layers of the adhesive are curing. The fix for this is to either lower your temperature and humidity, which will slow down the curing process of your adhesive, or use a little bit more adhesive. When using a little bit more adhesive also slows down the time it takes for the moisture in the air to go through the layers of the adhesive which has the same effect as lowering temp and humidity. Be careful however about not using too much when you do this, remembering not to overload the natural lash in the process
2. You are not using enough adhesive. This can be scary, we are all told don't use too much adhesive or you will damage the lashes. This is true in a lot of cases but we still need adhesive to be able to get the extensions to stick to the natural lash. Lash extensions are made up of PBT which is a non-porous surface, natural lashes are porous. To make the lash extension stick to the natural lash you need to use the right amount of adhesive. If your amount of adhesive you are using (especially with quick-dry adhesives) is too little the extension is not bonding properly to the natural lash. For classic as a rule you do need a little bit more than volume lashing because you don't get the "wrap" that volume does. For volume, we don't want our fans to close so we try to use the smallest amount of adhesive possible but this can backfire in retention. Use a little bit more to hold the fan on the lash for 1 second and you shouldn't have an issue with fans closing. Don't be scared but also don't get crazy. If you don't know the right amount to use ask who you were certified or seek out more training.
My adhesive lid is stuck on the nozzle why is this happening?
This happens all the time to lash artists. The culprit is generally that we are not shaking our adhesive properly, and also not cleaning the nozzle after each use. The fix for this is when you shake your adhesive bottle do not shake with the lid on! Make sure you take the lid off, take a piece of wax paper or tinfoil cover the nozzle, and shake. Once you have shaken the adhesive remove the wax paper or tinfoil "burp" your adhesive bottle to remove any air bubbles that may be trapped in your adhesive, drop your dot, wipe off your nozzle, and put the cap back on. This will ensure not adhesive is spilling out and adhering to the cap. You can also shake with the red pin that comes with our adhesives. Make sure you still follow the above steps after shaking.
My adhesive is thick and gloopy what's the deal?
If your adhesive is thick and "gloopy" it could be a couple of things.
1. Your temperature and humidity are too high for the adhesive you are using. Every adhesive has a range that it works best in. For example, if you have an adhesive that works best in 30%-50% and you are using it at 65% your adhesive is going to dry too quickly! Becoming thick and looking like it has gone bad. The fix is to lower your temp and humidity or get an adhesive that has a better range for your environment.
2. Your bottle is old. You need to be replacing your adhesive bottle every 4 to 6 weeks (6 weeks being the max). The busier you are doing lashes, the more you are opening your bottle, the more opportunity it has to go stale. If you work full-time doing lashes you will need to replace your adhesive more than someone who works part-time.