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Kawaii Lash

Basic B Primer

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Basic B Lash Primer

Product Description

Basic B Lash Primer is used for our "oily" clients or clients who are experiencing retention issues. Using lash primer helps to improve our adhesives "grab" by removing left over protein deposits and oil from the lash.

Lash primer is applied after the lashes have been cleansed and before lash extensions are applied. To ensure best retention the primer needs to completely dry before lash extensions are applied

Primer Stats

Size: 15ml

Color: Clear

How to Apply

Take two flocked applicators apply one or two drops of primer to one of the flocked applicators. Sandwich the lashes between the two flocked applicators and gentle coat the lashes. Take a fan and and dry the lashes before application of lash extensions. Do not get primer onto the skin. Primer is alcohol based and can cause irritation on some clients. 

We are proud to say all our products are cruelty free :)

For professional use only!