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Black Cat Lashes

L Curl Mixed Trays

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 L Curl

The L-curl is perfect for clients with straight lashes, deep set eyes or heavy eyelids.  They have a straight base that allows for a longer bonding surface to straight natural lashes, with more of an angle than a curl.

These lashes come in a Full Jet Black Color we carry our single length trays in various lengths and diameters to give you the ultimate control over your clients' needs. These individual lashes are semi gloss, curled and tapered to perfection to give your clients a soft, natural, beautiful look.  Conveniently organized into 16 lash strips. Give your clients the gorgeous, sexy look they deserve with Black Cat Lashes!

  • Curl: L
  • Thickness:  0.03, 0.05, & 0.07.
  • Length: 7-14mm

 TIP:  remove strip from tray and adhere to your lash palette, tile, or the back of your hand or work surface.  Use tweezers to pick up one lash at a time by placing tweezers ¼ from tip and pulling in a forward and down motion.  Proceed with your normal application.

Black Cat Lashes sells to professionals ONLY.